Anna Escort Privát Praha

Anna Escort Privát Praha - eskort Praha 1

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The perfect companion? Elite High Class courtesan? Confidante? Amazing lay? Cherry berry flavoured man-candy!? …

Of course! IS ME !!!All these things … but I prefer to think of myself as the naturally beautiful girl next door with a kooky sense of humour and an instinct for laughter. A girl who brings beauty to the world by making others happy, not by worrying endlessly about her hair or her wardrobe. A lover with an open heart and an open mind and slightly parted lips.

True beauty comes from within and the best lovers know this instinctively. I am one of these individuals. The way I move, the way I kiss, and the way I embrace my partner betrays a deep love of inner beauty and a desire to connect. The way I laugh and joke reveals my desire to always be smiling and to make sure everyone around my is too.

But I am also a lusty creature and I love the feeling of a man hardening to my touch, pressing against my body, and raining down upon my skin. I love to feel desired and devoured and when you are with me you will feel the same way too.

Life is short, and life is meant to be fun … and when you and me play together there will be a point, somewhere between the first smile and the last orgasm, where you will truly understand this. Always in good physical shape. At the head of clarity, confidence in the mirror, the mood is perfect, enthusiastic enough:-) And like a true lady ... posture, gait, manner, shape ...Text me or call me now! I like a black coffee - hot and inviting, with a slightly bitter, burning, with a unique flavor ... Once you try, not exchange.

I'm an elite courtesan who provides discreet companionship for those who appreciate the finer things in life. I want to provide the best experience possible. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.


Chcete být vždy připraveni a nezklamat. Vakuové pumpy, lubrikanty, dráždidla a jestě víc najdete

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